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Missiles are slow as hell now wtf.



Fucked it up when I fixed a bug causing them to be too fast. Lovely.



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From Steam


>1. less of the cactuses that shoot stuff
>2. health for every character
>3. faster attacking
>4. slower enemy attacking speed
>It doesent get that fun when you always die before the first boss



lol rude

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are there singletons in this game?
also check em
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I was aware but I also can't help but replying!


>using languages where singletons are even possible


>singletons fucked my mom and killed my dog


Spooky scare singletons


Singletons confirmed for v1.18

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where is the loli update?
this is important


This month.

Though actually now that you mention it I appear to have made just a female and not a loli…


Ok fixed (but still not posting!)


✓ loli
✓ boomerangs

it's all here!

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Juice incoming.


File: 1450859013065.gif (11.17 KB, 501x585, jew.gif)

thanks for the key mate


Any day now…

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Make full screen have more tiles or some shit, rather than showing black bars. Thanks in advance!


Ok. Will try to fit that in this month. A bunch of other people requested that already too.



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>October 17
Tick tock, dev. Able to keep up your monthly releases?


lol what


Of course.


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File: 1443864188559.png (119.27 KB, 800x1812, Patch_v1.12.png)


Vampire of the Sands V1.12 out now.

Full Changelog: http://homph.com/vots/Changelog.txt
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Digging the masks. How about one that lets you sense monsters behind doors? Or how about fixing that some other way for that matter…


Dev, see >>22


lol earthquake mask is ridic what the hell


Starting a new game (but not loading?) crashes once in a blue moon.


Thank you. Found and at least fixed one source of that (the new lathes).

There's still an even more uncommon crash due to some a bug in LibGDX. Fun stuff.

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Time to fix your shit with pause man. Items would make so much more sense if you could see what's on the screen and be able to slowly think out what you want to use.

So often I find myself wanting to teleport or something, but I can't be bothered because it's tucked away in my items.

I know there's a rune, and no-pausing is supposedly a feature, but it would still improve from being changed.




Since the game is meant to be relatively fast-paced I won't advocate for the ability to pause time and use items from the menu, but I do agree that a better item usage interface in general would be a massive boon to playability. Hotkeyable items or something. As is, I feel like the player is discouraged from using everything at their disposal because it's more work to dig through a menu than to whack a fucker or run around a fucker.

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